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About YPS

Your Print Solution was set up in 2006 by Steven Brown and Dave Jackson to bring together their successful print businesses. The pair met at college in 1984 and spent the next 18  years building up skills and experience within big-name print companies in the full range of printing services, from design and artwork to colour reprographics and marketing.

“Our vision was to become more than just a simple printer - we wanted to combine all forms of digital media with all forms of digital print, embracing technology.”

In 2008 Your Print Solution added digital printing to its portfolio when Steven and Dave invested in their first digital press.

A year later YPS added another string to its bow: web-to-print. In early 2009 they purchased iWay, a web-to-print solution. Their first initiative was to develop a branded site for customer Wimpy Restaurants. By procuring their print this way, they streamlined the process while reducing time and costs on artworking time as changes could be done once and affect all products.

With a new Indigo 7000 press bought 2010, YPS could print twice as fast and produce longer print runs to meet the needs of a growing list of high-profile clients.

Web-to-print continued to develop, with new sites for Twentieth Century Fox, Allparts Automotive, The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and Kensington.

In 2011 the company purchased some new software, Pageflex Storefront and Campaign Manager with which to produce rich cross-media campaigns, tying in the printed piece with email, microsites and QR codes. Detailed live reporting can be provided for every campaign.

As well as digital printing and web-to-print services, YPS has a full in-house design and artworking capability, as well as large format printers and finishing equipment. For larger run jobs which need to be lithographically printed they call upon a trusted selection of approved suppliers.

We love a challenge

Director Dave Jackson loves it when he’s told that something just can’t be done.  Give him a problem and he’ll work away at it like a dog with a new bone until he comes up with an imaginative solution. 

Dave is organised, with great attention to detail. His strength is his technical skill, especially with software and programming. 

Says Dave: “We’ve not been beaten yet – and we’ve been given some pretty big challenges!”

Steve Brown is all about the customer. Communications and building relationships is his strong point, balanced with his expertise on the press.

Each has 28 years of printing experience.

Says Steve, “When we put our heads together there’s not a lot we can’t do!”


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