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Same Day Dispatch Terms & Conditions

We try very hard to make your same day dispatch, however you should be aware of the following.

1) We can perform miracles, however the impossible - we're going to struggle with ! 
2) We deem impossible to be more sheets than we can print in 4hrs!
3) We are always going to give it our best shot, we'll try really very hard, however if we don't make your deadline, it won't be through lack of trying. You may need to be a little flexible and offer some help. Sometimes it's the finishing that takes the time. 
4) We will need to have PDFX1a files, with bleed and embedded fonts. Ideally we would like to preflight your files to ensure no problems.
5) It's alway nice to help you, when you are in a pickle. We ask that all same day dispatched print is paid for before dispatch. Accounts may be happy for your print to go on your account, but they are very scary and you'll need to ask them! 
6) We aim to please - Tell your friends.


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