To bring together all departments within WRG LTD (Wimpy Restaurant Group) and provide one central online repostory for all members of staff to order their stationary. Consistent branding was crucial and enabling all divisions of WRG to access the same resources, templates and print supplier would ensure rigorous corporate guidelines were adhered to with every order.


Your Print Solution offered an answer in the form of a Web2Print portal allowing all WRG staff access to a vast library.

Your Print Solution's software also had the added feature of being able to personalise assets such as Wimpy branch menus
which varied from branch to branch up and down the country.

"At one point in our presentation to Wimpy, I asked for a price to be entered into the menu template for a hamburger to demonstrate the ease of ordering online. Someone said, £8.88, which we entered and the order was placed. The presentation continued and within 15 minutes our press operator had brought up approximately fourty printed menu samples."

Steven Brown